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Cleaning Activity

Cleaning Activities are the most simple way of categorizing a cleaning application. The cleaning activity can tell us:

  • The goal of the cleaning process
  • The cleanliness requirement of the finished product
  • The types of materials with which the product must be compatible
  • The importance of the cleaning process to the business

For example, a customer doing Critical Cleaning in a the process of manufacturing a new product will often be removing cutting fluids from newly machined parts. Their cleanliness requirement is often residue free because the part goes on to be integrated into a larger product. The cleaning process supports the manufacturing process so it’s critical to the business.

Conversely, a janitorial type cleaning activity such as cleaning floors will not have as stringent a cleanliness standard. The cleaning process is part of routine maintenance and doesn’t impact the core operations of the customer’s business.

Below is a list of the Cleaning Activity types, click on the activity name to see more details.