Cleaning Methods


When Mirachem says Method, it means the Cleaning Method – the way the cleaning process is accomplished. The Cleaning Method can be influenced by:

  • Cleaning Product: Some cleaning products are designed only for use with certain methods
  • Soil: Some soils are best cleaned by certain products, in higher temperatures or more fluid movement to work efficiently
  • Widget: The size or weight of a widget can limit which cleaning method is used
  • Cost: Large ultrasonic or spray cabinets have large upfront costs and may not be reasonable for all budgets
  • Availability: The equipment may already be owned and changing would require additional expense

The Method can sometimes be as important as the Product in an establishing an effective cleaning application. For example, Widgets with blind holes that can’t be reached by brushes or spray are often best cleaned with agitation or ultrasonic; where the fluid moves over the surface and assists the cleaner in removing the soil. Large engine blocks are heavy and too large for use in a manual parts washer, so a spray cabinet or agitation unit would be better suited. Finally, some products can’t be used with certain Methods. An excellent example of incompatible Product and Method: using Mirachem 500 in an automated spray unit will result in excessive foaming; use Alkaline Cabinet Wash instead.

Below is a list of the Methods, click on the method name to see more details and compatible products: